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Online Learning at UoPeople

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What is online learning?

Online learning, sometimes called distance learning, refers to educational programs conducted via the internet. Online learning has become an increasingly popular choice over the years because of the flexibility it allows in terms of scheduling and location. Online students can study from any location with an internet connection, and often do their work at times convenient for their schedules.

Students of online programs conduct their coursework online, including reading texts, seeking support, interacting with peers and instructors, etc. Online college and university programs make use of reading assignments, discussion groups, collaborative peer work, videos and other resources.

How it works

Online Learning at UoPeople
Collaboration at UoPeople

What We Offer

At University of the People we offer accredited, online degree programs in Business Administration, Computer Science and Health Science, as well as master’s degree programs in Business Administration, Information Technology, and Education. Our unique programs are designed so that our students can study on their own schedules, wherever they are in the world. All you need is a device with a reliable internet connection–some students even study from their mobile phones.

All learning materials and textbooks at University of the People are Open Education Resources (OER). OER are free collections of teaching and learning materials as well as academic and research texts that are available for free online. University of the People courses are built using reading assignments and other OER materials carefully selected by our instructors and course developers.

Our classes are delivered using the UoPeople Online Campus. Students at University of the People are part of a strong and lively online academic community. Courses are led by qualified instructors who guide and support students throughout each course. Students also engage with each other through online discussion forums and peer-to-peer reviews in small classes with personal attention.

Working with Your Peers

Online student forums and peer review groups are one of the most valuable aspects of the University of the People experience. Thanks to our strong online community, students make connections from all around the world. Students at University of the People participate in a system of peer assessments. Through grading and reviewing classmates’ work, students sharpen their critical-thinking skills and learn from their classmates’ perspectives. Grades are based on a combination of peer-graded work, instructor-graded work, graded quizzes, and a final exam or project.

All students are assigned a program advisor at the beginning of their course of study at University of the People. Advisors are there to help students succeed in their degree programs. Our program advisors are a key part of our educational system, always ready to answer questions, offer support and give advice. Students may also have a chance to work remotely with a mentor. Our mentors are members of our global University of the People community and industry-leading professionals. Mentors are there to help our students identify and achieve their professional and academic goals. In addition, students receive one-on-one feedback and guidance from their instructors. For each course, students have an online learning journal, which is only seen and graded by instructors. These journals ensure that students have regular, personal access to their instructors and give instructors insight into each individual student’s understanding of the material and their progression in the course.

How Are Courses Structured at University of the People?

Each course is 9 weeks long and comprises 8 units of study (one per week). For undergraduate degree programs, students take an exam in the 9th week on material covered in the course. Graduate students may have exams, papers, or final projects. Students should expect to dedicate about 15 to 20 hours per week to each course.

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At the beginning of each learning week, students gain access to the new unit’s educational material and the week’s writing/programming assignment. As part of the course requirements for most units of learning, students must complete an assignment. These assignments generally use a Moodle feature called Workshop, which allows for the peer assessment that is integral to the University of the People learning model. In the week after an assignment is completed, three other students will assess your work and you will be expected to assess three other assignments. These reviews are compulsory as part of your own study requirements.

Additional Resources:

University of the People offers a series of great online resources to support students:

The course forum is the place in which to raise issues and questions relating to the course. It is regularly monitored by the instructors, and is a good place to meet fellow students taking the same course. While participation in the forum is not compulsory, it is highly recommended.

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